Korg microKEY 61 MIDI Klaviatur / Kontroller

  • Korg microKEY 61 MIDI Klaviatur / Kontroller
  • Korg microKEY 61 MIDI Klaviatur / Kontroller

Korg microKEY 61 MIDI Klaviatur / Kontroller

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The microKEY 61 from Korg is a slim, lightweight, 61-Key USB powered controller with velocity-sensitive "Natural Touch" mini-keys. It has been designed to maximize playability while still integrating into a compact production setup.

The microKEY is equipped with Pitch Bend and Modulation wheels to add expression to your MIDI performances. The Key Transpose feature allows you to transpose the pitch of the keyboard up or down in semitone steps. Octave Shift buttons let you extend the note range of the keyboard by 3 octaves in either direction. Edits to advanced MIDI parameters, such as the Modulation Wheel's control change number and the keyboard's velocity curve can be made using the included KORG KONTROL Editor software. This can be useful in customizing the microKEY to give you greater control over a virtual instrument, or to accommodate harder or softer keyboard playing styles.

Two USB ports (Type A) allow the keyboard to act as a USB hub, making it easy to connect additional equipment such as drum pad controllers or external hard drives. The controller also includes 5 virtual instruments and a discount coupon for purchasing software from Ableton's "Live" series.


Thin, lightweight, and USB-powered for quick and easy setup
61-key, velocity-sensitive "Natural Touch" mini-keyboard designed for comfortable playing feel
Pitch Bend and Modulation wheels to add expression to your performance
Octave Shift and Key Transpose features allow access to the full MIDI note range
Dual USB ports for connecting other USB devices such as drum pad controllers and external hard disks to your setup

5 Virtual Instruments Included

Toontrack's drum sound module "EzDrummer Lite", giving you a library of realistic drum sounds (download)
"Lounge Lizard Session," the sound module from Applied Acoustics Systems, known for its expressive electric piano sounds
Applied Acoustics Systems' "Strum Acoustic Session," the physical modeling software synthesizer that lets you "play" acoustic guitar parts with the expressiveness of an acoustic instrument
"Ultra Analog Session", also by Applied Acoustics Systems, the analog modeling synthesizer acclaimed for its analog-style synth sounds
"Korg Legacy Collection Special Bundle", which contains the following software titles: the MS-20 analog monophonic synthesizer, the Polysix polyphonic synthesizer, the Mono/Poly analog synthesizer, the M1 music workstation, the Wavestation digital synthesizer and the MDE-X effect plug-in


Included MIDI mapping software allows you to set the keyboard to respond to one of 8 distinct velocity curves, or set a fixed velocity value. This is useful in customizing the microKEY to your personal playing style. In addition, the modulation wheel's control change number assignment can be edited and its range can be customized by setting minimum and maximum values. This can be used to control specific parameters of a virtual instrument, or to increase or decrease the sensitivity of the Modulation Wheel
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USB Cable
EzDrummer Lite License
Lounge Lizard Session License
Strum Acoustic Session License
Ultra Analog Session License
Korg Legacy Collection Special Bundle License
Power USB
Outer Dimensions (cm) 85 x 13.9 x 5.4
Weight (kg) 1
Keys 61
Tillverkarens hemsida
Om märket
KorgAuktoriserade återförsäljare

Korgs historia av legendariska syntar och trummaskiner sträcker sig ända tillbaka till 1960-talet. Deras Electribe och Kaoss-familjer av verktyg till musikproduktion används fortfarande av många musiker och producenter. Allting från deras serie av Nano-kontroller till deras Monotron-serie av syntar har varit vinnare på ”The Lab”.

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