Okki Nokki ONE (Black)

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The Okki Nokki ONE Record Cleaning Machine effectively cleans your vinyl collection with an extremely quiet and powerful vacuum system including forward and reverse rotation for a deep clean.
The Okki Nokki ONE record cleaning machine is simple to use, with a single button control. Featuring a bi-directional 12 inch platter, the cleaning machine is able to clean deep into the groove of each record using the supplied cleaning fluid. With a quiet yet powerful vacuum system, the Okki Nokki ONE deposits the fluid in the waste reservoir, which has a useful level indicator letting you know when the tank is full and can be emptied.

The vacuum arm supplied with the Okki Nokki ONE is ideal for all size vinyl, including 12 inch, 10 inch and 7 inch, meaning you don’t need to swap the arm when cleaning different size records. A goat hair brush allows you to brush the records dry, and the record clamp and label cover keep the vinyl’s central label free from any fluid, whilst held securely in place by the clamp. The Okki Nokki ONE includes a dust cover for when the record cleaning machine is not in use.
  • Forward and reverse rotating 12 inch platter
  • Extremely quiet and powerful vacuum system
  • All-in-one vacuum arm for 12, 10 and 7 inch records
  • Waste fluid reservoir with level indicator
  • Includes goat hair brush, 50mm concentrated fluid (makes 1L of cleaning fluid) clamp and label cover
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  • Okki Nokki ONE (Black)
  • 50mm concentrated fluid (makes 1L of cleaning fluid)
  • Clamp and label cover
  • Goat hair brush
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