Pioneer DDJ-RX DJ Kontroller

  • Pioneer DDJ-RX DJ Kontroller
  • Pioneer DDJ-RX DJ Kontroller
  • Pioneer DDJ-RX DJ Kontroller
  • Pioneer DDJ-RX DJ Kontroller
  • Pioneer DDJ-RX DJ Kontroller
  • Pioneer DDJ-RX DJ Kontroller

Pioneer DDJ-RX DJ Kontroller

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If you want to be a DJ, Pioneer's DJ DDJ-RX controller and mixer definitely offers the best performance potential, and it is one of the first controllers, made solely for rekordbox software. If you have already prepared your DJ set on your laptop, you will have no difficulties playing it to your audiences using DDJ-RX as its layout literally mirrors that of the software. Also, you can use all four decks while performing and all four channels have their own level meters and trim pots. For convenience, you can even use the DDJ-RX as a standalone mixer. Besides all that you get an integrated FX section, which includes noise, crush, pitch and filter effects, meaning that you will not need any separate effects processors. This controller is also perfectly ready to perform with CDs and vinyl turntables too if you like to add different approaches to DJ'ing besides digital. Hook up multiple audio sources and two mics with as low distortion as possible. The DDJ-RX is as ready to rock that audience as you are, and rest assured, you will definitely be heard loud and clear. 


  • Powerful USB DJ controller for rekordbox dj software

  • Can be used as a 4-channel DJ mixer

  • 4-deck mixing ready

  • Slip mode, beat jump and needle search functions

  • 4 line-level inputs and 2 mic inputs

  • Crisp playback thanks to the high quality D/A converter

  • Possibility to create effect chains with integrated effects

  • Solid construction and aluminium jog wheels

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Power adapter
USB cable
User manual
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Pioneer DJAuktoriserade återförsäljare

Pioneer DJ etablerades i DJ-världen med deras DJM mixerbord och CDJ CD-skivspelare (industristandard). Under åren så har Pioneer utvecklat en lång rad av olika DJ-utrustning som t.ex. hörlurar, högtalare och kontroller. Pioneer är konstant det ledande märket på ”The Lab” tack vare sin höga kvalitet och revolutionerande funktioner.

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