AIAIAI UNIT-4 Wireless+ (Pair)

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Ny produkt. Första leverans kommer 2023-12
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Experience unparalleled flexibility and truly liberating mobility in your creative process as a music producer. These studio monitors allow you to create and mix music with accurate sound representation and powerful performance wherever you are. Connect wirelessly to your devices and enjoy crystal clear audio without the hassle of cables. Take control of your creativity and elevate your music to the next level with these wireless portable studio monitors.
  • Complete wireless freedom
  • Reference monitor performance
  • Portable, compact and rugged
  • Connect to everything
  • Responsible design
  • Features expanded
  • Complete wireless freedom
  • Battery powered with 20H+ of playback time
  • W+ Link ultra low latency wireless audio for music creation - only 16ms of latency, uncompressed audio and robust connection
  • Complete wireless freedom - both audio and power cables
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  • AIAIAI UNIT-4 Wireless+ (Pair)
  • 2x AIAIAI UNIT-4 Power Supply
  • 2x AIAIAI UNIT-4 Protective Pouch
  • AIAIAI X02 W+ Link transmitter
Storlek 4"
Frekvensomfång 50 - 20 000 Hz
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