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ASM Hydrasynth Keyboard

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Offering 8-voice polyphony, "Mutator" waveshaping, and a 32-slot modulation matrix, the ASM Hydrasynth is truly a next-generation virtual analog synthesizer for modern music producers. Rivaling the sonic capabilities of many popular software synthesizer plug-ins, each voice features three WaveScan oscillators offering 219 different waveforms, with four Mutators total for extensive waveshaping. There's a ton of potential for creating nuanced, nonlinear sounds — the five ADSR envelope generators offer delay and hold and can have either linear or exponential curves between stages, and the five LFOs offer a total of 11 waveshapes plus delay, fade in, and smoothing. Factor in the 49-note keybed, customizable PolyTouch response, expressive ribbon controller, and CV/Gate connectivity, and the ASM Hydrasynth could be the master controller your synthesizer rig is asking for.

Extensive modulation capabilities
With its 32-slot modulation matrix, Hydrasynth empowers you to create incredibly nuanced and expressive sounds. Synthesists at Sweetwater are particularly impressed with its envelope generators (five per voice), which offer delay and hold in addition to ADSR stages. Each stage of the envelope can sweep through exponential and logarithmic curves, which offers big creative potential for long, evolving modulations.
Like most of the functions on Hydrasynth, envelopes can be locked to BPM for tempo-synced modulations. Combined with the looping function, you can use the envelopes as LFOs with interesting waveshapes. And speaking of LFOs, Hydrasynth offers five LFOs per voice with 11 total waveshapes. That includes the 8-step LFO, which allows you to create your own custom waveshape.

Amazing performance potential with PolyTouch and ribbon controller
Whether you're performing or recording, Hydratouch delivers an incredibly expressive playing experience, especially when you dig into its PolyTouch capabilities. PolyTouch is a new method of polyphonic aftertouch sensing. You have full control over aftertouch curves, offsets, and release times, giving you big creative potential when using aftertouch to manipulate your sounds. A built-in ribbon controller expands your performance options further — it can control pitch bend or modulation amount, and a Theremin mode allows you to play melodies on the ribbon controller against whatever you're playing on the keyboard.

Deep synthesis with an intuitive interface
While the Hydrasynth engine is remarkably powerful, it's relatively simple to find and tweak the parameters you're looking for. On the front panel, you'll find a graphic representation of the audio path, with buttons to select each individual section (individual oscillators, mixer, effects, and so on). Selecting a section brings its associated parameters to the display, with eight encoders ready to tweak. In other words, every section of this synth can be accessed with a button press, no menu diving required.

Advanced real-time control via eight macro controls
One of the most popular aspects of software synthesizers is the ability to control multiple parameters simultaneously via macro controls, and the ASM Hydrasynth gives you that creative power in hardware form. You can customize its eight macro controls to tweak up to eight destinations simultaneously. And with a total of 170 modulation destinations to explore, you can easily use the macro controls to warp between completely distinct sound variations on the fly.

  • 49-note virtual analog synthesizer with polyphonic aftertouch
  • Combines multiple synthesis methods like wavetables, linear FM, WavePWM, subtractive, and more
  • 8-voice polyphony, with 3 x oscillators per voice and 4 x Mutator waveshapers total
  • 7 types of Mutator waveshapers — FM-Lin, WaveStack, PW-Orig, PW-Squeeze, PW-ASM, Harmonic Sweep, and Hard sync
  • WaveScan oscillators offer a total of 219 waveforms
  • Dual filters — 1 x multimode (11 types) and 1 x variable LPF-BPF-HPF, with series/parallel routing options
  • 5 envelope generators (ADSR) per voice with delay, hold, and looping abilities
  • Envelopes can be locked to BPM (MIDI Clock) for tempo-synced modulation
  • 5 LFOs per voice, with 11 waveforms — Sine, Triangle, Saw Up, Saw Down, Square, Pulse27%, Pulse13%, S&H, Noise, Random, and Step
  • Powerful arpeggiator with 8 modes, including chord and phrase modes
  • Full-length ribbon controller with 3 modes: Pitch Bend, Mod Only, and Theremin
  • 32-slot Mod Matrix provides ample options for manipulating your sounds
  • CV/Gate connectivity for integrating with modular/semi-modular synthesizers
  • 8 insert effects, with Chorus, Flanger, Rotary, Phaser, Lo-Fi, Tremolo, EQ, Compressor, Delay (5 types), and Reverb (4 types)
  • 8 Macro controls allow you to tweak multiple parameters simultaneously
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  • ASM Hydra
Typ Digital
Polyfoni Polyphonic
Särdrag Oscillator
Yttre Mått 80 x 35 x 10.3 cm
Vikt 10 kg