Reloop Turntable Cartridge Mount & Gauge Set

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Reloop Turntable Cartridge Mount & Gauge Set. The turntable tone arm and cartridge should always be correctly aligned and regularly maintained allowing you to enjoy the great sound of your vinyl collection to the max.
This set comes in a high-quality storage box to keep everything organised and includes everything you need to perfectly align, care for and clean both your turntable and cartridge.
  • All-in-one set for adjusting, aligning and cleaning turntable tone arm and cartridge
  • Mirrored SME alignment tool for aligning the cartridge
  • Highly efficient cleaning fluid for removing dirt and vinyl residues
  • Metal screwdriver for mounting headshell systems
  • Spirit level for aligning the pick-up systems and for adjusting turntable, CD player and other equipment
  • Tone arm balance for determining the needle contact force with 5 balancing weights (0.5 – 3 g
  • Tweezers
  • High-quality storage box

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  • Reloop Turntable Cartridge Mount & Gauge Set
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